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Should We Accept It?

Some days back Diganta da (executive editor of satsory, diganta oza) asked me what I think about 377. I told him that I iam not a supporter of it and also I am not fully against of it. I am not against of it because I am a die hard fan of Alton John. And I started watching tennis with Martina Navratilova’s game. Both are homo and lez. List is very long. There are lot more my favorite person who have this ‘nawabi shakh’. But I could not yet support it from my heart because it’s a new concept and we are not habituate to accept new things in the beginning. But Diganta da told that he couldn’t accept it because some boundations are needed for a discipline society...

Last Wednesday I felt how true his words were about. I was very busy in my works that day because Wednesday is our production day and we have to finish all the works till midnight. Suddenly one girl sent me a hello massage in my gtalk. Oh I forgot to mention that she sent me a friend request yesterday and it was my fault that I accept it. I don’t know she is really a girl or boy. After one or two talk she asked me what I am wearing. I was just shocked by her question because its beyond my imagination that an unknown girl could ask me a question like that. After that she keep asking me one by one some very embarrassing questions. I was very embarrassed and my ears were hot at that time and I lost all my concentrations at work. Its not that first time I am facing such type of situation. I stayed in hostel when I was a student of journalism studies. A girl whom we doubt to be a lesbian used to irritate us. But in online its my first experience. I scrolled her for these dirty talks and asked her to stop it. But ignoring my words she kept on sending me that type of irritating massage in my gtalk. Then I told her that I am neither a lesbian nor I have any interest in these things. But she didn’t stop and sent more and more lines. These were so dirty even I feel ashamed when I remember it. Ultimately I ought to delete her from my contact.

Than I feel really its not a good sign. Its not impossible to feel mental or intellectual attraction for a girl or for a boy for the same sex. But what is the ultimate thing? We cannot deny the ‘basic instinct’. When we talk of it can we allow it? If this is called freedom than we don’t want this type of freedom. Freedom does not mean scattered situation. What Deepa Mehta shows in her film ‘Fire’ is totally different thing. The situation is very different If someone finds peace with a same sex person then its not bad. But it should not be forceful. Many people from many field try to abuse others forcefully. It is not acceptable. Some days back we got the news of the IAS officer who was caught by some media camera when he tried to do sex with his male employees. And most of the cases are like this only. Withdrawn of 377 will permit these people to do these crime openly. We cannot support them. For the sake of a discipline society we cannot accept it…

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