Wednesday, March 10, 2010

enough is enough

wrote and published this blog in on Feb, 10 '10 on shahrukh's film ban in mumbai. republish here...
Enough is enough. Stop the lovebirds to celebrate valentine day because it is not our culture, then attack Jaya Bachchan because she spoke Hindi in Mumbai instead of Marathi, then Karan Johar because he used Bombay not Mumbai in his film, Mumbai is for Marathi’s only so no outsiders can work there and this time Shahrukh is there newest target. Because he said he is ready to hire a player from Pakistan in his team in IPL. So they will not allow to show his film My Name Is Khan in Mumbai. Why should Shahrukh apologize for his word? Is he doing anything wrong? He is a citizen of India and he or any Indian have the right to speak anything in our country and this right has given us by the constitution of India and no Shivsena or anyone else can’t stop us to use our right. This can never be a way. We cannot accept this type of thing. I am not a die hard fan of king khan. But I cannot accept Shivsena’s hypocrisy. Shivsena is targeting shahrukh to save there sinking boat. This is there politics nothing else. Bal thakre’s most worthless son Urdhav Thakre is trying to prove himself. This is a good sign that every media, lot of intellectual people and many people from Bollywood even some of shahrukh’s rivals also stand besides him on this situation. But I think every Indian should stand besides him, should stand against all this type of parasite of the society. Until and unless we fear him they will try to dominate the society. Everyone should go to watch shahrukh’s movie My Name Is Khan and make the movie hit. All these people like shivsena are actually the over ground terrorist and these are more dangerous than underground one. We should stop them and save our nation. This is the high time to get up from sleep. Its not the matter of Shahrukh, it’s the matter of society. If we don’t stop they will continue these type of ridiculous things.

will india overcome these 'hybrid'